Vice President

I'm a client and membership service-focused policy expert with a passion for energy and technology policy.

Having worked for trade groups and Members of Congress, I know how important it is to find real policy solutions for the people I serve. Before coming to Lot Sixteen, I worked for a manufacturing association where I helped them reduce barriers and discover new opportunities through public policy. Working on a range of issues from workforce development to electrifying the transportation sector, I saw firsthand how federal policy and regulations could impact manufacturers, their employees and their communities.    

My most recent stint on Capitol Hill was with Congressman Paul Tonko (D-NY), now the Chairman of the Environment and Climate Change Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Congressman Tonko, along with my previous bosses, taught me the importance of clearly and honestly explaining policy to those impacted by it, with the goal of building consensus rather than division. I strive to bring that same approach to my own work, regardless of the issue.  

I grew up in Tennessee, but have been a Virginia resident for over 20 years. Even so, I still know that SEC football is the best thing to watch in the fall. I currently live in Springfield, VA with my wife, our two kids and a cat named Penelope, who have all turned into Tennessee fans.