Lot Sixteen is a bipartisan government affairs and communications firm.


We deliver policy and communications support that is bracingly honest, refreshingly creative and expertly executed.


We come from the left and the right. We’re focused on bottom-line results. We tell it like it is.
And we think we work harder than any team out there.


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We named the company Lot Sixteen after a parking lot on Capitol Hill.

It’s a pretty unglamorous piece of pavement, to be honest. 


But there are two things about it that will tell you everything you need to know about us.  

First, it was about the least pretentious thing we could think of.  And in a city full of show-horses we offer a different profile.

Second, Lot Sixteen is just one of the places where people who actually write legislation, formulate regulations and make opinions in this town start, and end, their day.  And if you want results, you better be prepared to work as hard as they do—and know them well enough to even know where they park their cars.

Lot Sixteen is about bringing real-world government affairs work and actionable communication campaigns together.  


Let us know how we can work with you ⟶



Lot Sixteen provides government affairs and communication services.

But in the complicated world of modern advocacy campaigns, that covers a lot of ground.


So we work with you to define objectives, agree to the best strategy and tactics and how to measure performance. 

Then we assemble and manage the best team for the job.

We remain your point of contact.
We manage the team.
We are responsible to you.

And we worry—so you don’t have to.

If you want a firm with the guts, perspective and maturity to give you an honest assessment of when, where and how to invest—and where not to—you found it.


Let us know how we can work with you ⟶



We Accomplish More As a Team.

Working together, we witnessed how deep issue expertise—paired with creative communications—could break down walls, persuade audiences and advance agendas.  We’re committed to that core idea and it’s informed by our individual experience.


Colin Hayes

I’m a big dork for energy and resources policy who spent a decade and a half on Capitol Hill.

As Staff Director at the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, and having played a central role in the advancement of several major pieces of legislation, there are not many policy issues I haven’t seen or challenges I haven’t navigated.  

If you ask around, people will tell you I’m a straight shooter who can go deep on policy issues but with plenty of political sense to determine what is actually possible.  

Before founding Lot Sixteen, I was lucky to have some tough bosses who knew the issues, their constituents, and how to pass legislation that mattered.  It had an impact on my own view that talk is cheap, especially from lobbyists.  And when I was on the other side of the table, listening to people doing what I’m doing now, I only paid attention to the people who knew the substance as well as I did, and weren’t so zealous they failed to realize there is, almost always, another side to the story.

I grew up in New England, graduated from Hobart College in western New York and after moving to DC got my MBA from George Mason University.  I live in Alexandria, VA with my very patient wife, our two wonderful kids and an adorable old mutt named Bell.


Josh Lahey

I’m a message and media guy.  And after a few tours of duty at some of the most consequential communication and lobbying firms in Washington, I know what’s valued and trusted for clients.

With a background in Democratic politics and a decade of corporate advocacy experience, I’m focused on helping clients put action and words to their vision.  And I find being as passionate about my clients goals as they are is a big key to success.

I have led big teams through harrowing crisis campaigns, major corporate announcements and vicious press cycles.  But I always do it with my clients’ core values and goals as a starting point.

Before co-founding Lot Sixteen, I managed multi-million dollar advertising campaigns, oversaw dozens of online advocacy efforts, facilitated dozens of client and publisher partnerships and wrote more creative copy than I can remember.

I’m a true Connecticut Yankee—born and raised in New Fairfield, CT and a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford. I’ve been married since 2003 to my wife, Amy Rosenbaum, and we have three amazing (and exhausting) children.