Having learned the ins and outs of the digital media landscape from some of D.C.’s top agencies, I have honed a unique approach to bridging the gap between media and policy.

After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, where I was a proud member of Cal’s D1 rowing team (Go Bears), I moved to D.C. with hopes of making an impact. I’ve been lucky enough to work some of the top digital communications firms, where I learned to develop communications plans and execute media buys for both political and corporate clients.

Before my time on the coasts, I was just a kid from the Philly suburbs who always enjoyed the classes my friends found boring. I have always been interested in distilling more wonky, complicated matters into compelling messages -- and even now, with majors in economics and environmental policy, I love turning these so-called ‘boring topics’ into authentic communication campaigns that can engage audiences of all interests and backgrounds.

When I’m not sending emails to my coworkers before 5 am in the morning or at the office, I am usually working out or reading dense economics books for fun.